Fair housing laws and policy are very important in a country like the United States of America where historically housing areas have been divided between racial lines. This means that the various living areas and regions were not integrated and people of one particular race or creed were all put in similar areas. However, because of the racist history and the discrimination the black community has faced, the different communities developed differently. This means that white majority areas had better facilities, had better job opportunities, better infrastructure was put up there so schools, hospitals, and transport systems worked a lot better in white majority areas and more resources were used there. However, the exact opposite would happen in black majority areas or areas where other minorities would be living. Now in an attempt to integrate these communities and move past the discriminatory laws and biases of the past, fair housing laws have been introduced to reduce the damage done.

What the fair housing laws achieve is that it prevents any home owners who are selling or renting out their property from denying the house or property to any other person just because of the color of their skin or because of what religion they believe in. Other things protected by the fair housing laws are the gender or sexual orientation, nationality, country of origin, disability of any form, and social status. In the state of Utah, discrimination on the basis of source of income is also prohibited. This means that people are able to, if they can afford it, move to different areas with better amenities and facilities. You can also get legal help from lawyers, like Nozari Legal, if you feel like a piece of property was denied to you because of you being discriminated against and the matter can be settled in court.