If you are unaware of what a face lift is then it is a procedure in cosmetic surgery that aims to improve the physical appearance of people by making them look younger. Face lifts, which are also called rhitidectomy surgery, get rid of the extra flesh or skin on your face by cutting it away. This helps get rid of the pudginess around your face, gives you sharper jaw lines and cheek bones, and gets rid of any sagging skin or wrinkly skin on your face. Face lifts target the loose skin on your face, so it not only tightens up your facial features by getting rid of extra skin on them, it also tightens the layers of tissue underneath your skin that help make your face pop out and look sharper. The entire procedure can be done within a day and the person who got the face lift will be able to go home within the same day, although it may take a little while for the face to settle.

So while a facelift seems pretty great for people who are unhappy with how their face looks, or for people who are growing old and want a more youthful look, it can still have its own set of complications. For some undergoing rhitidectomy surgery can be daunting. If done improperly or if problems end up happening, a person could suffer small side effects like bleeding or bruising, or maybe have to deal with something a little more intense like tissue death in the cut areas, damage happening to facial nerves that control the face muscles, or even an infection. There is also the risk of an under experienced doctor making a mistake like leaving you with an unevenly cut face, or causing scarring or the creation of blemishes on the face.