Whenever the topic of printers have ever been brought about, most people will argue that laser printers are the best printing options in the market and that their performance cannot be rivalled. However, a silent but growing competitor everyone seems to be forgetting are inkjet printers. Inkjet printers have been slowly becoming more and more popular amongst people at home and in different businesses, producing high quality prints. Now if you are considering getting an inkjet printer for your home, it is important to know what you are getting when you opt for an inkjet printer.

When it comes to monochrome prints, inkjet printers might not be as good as laser printers when it comes to getting a good print out. You can fix this problem by buying papers that are specialized for inkjet printers. However, if you are talking about printing colors, pictures and graphs, inkjet printers do a job that cannot be rivalled by any other printer, producing vibrant prints with perfect gradations and transitions.

Thanks to innovations in technology, dye-based inkjet prints can last for decades when kept in good conditions, and similarly, pigment-based prints can end up lasting for over a century, so you know that your print will not fade or be affected overtime.

The one problem with inkjet printers is that their printing cost per page is high, this is especially true if you have to print images regularly, so you will end up having to pay more in printer ink costs later on. Ultimately the decision of whether or not to go for an inkjet printer is yours to make. If you want to learn where you can buy cartridges, printer ink and toners, you can simply visit https://qualityinkjetrefills.ca for whenever you run out of ink and are in need of a quick supply.