Fashion is for everyone and everyone has their own sense of creativity which they deserve to express through their style of dressing. This rings true for all of us – yes, even you, gentlemen. If you’re a woman in her 20s or 30s, now is the prime time of your life! You might stay beautiful but you’re not going to be young forever which is why you should explore your style as much as you can now.

We’re not encouraging you to start going shopaholic and raid all the dresses you like on a whim that you might look nice in them or that you’ll wear them at a certain xyz event (yeah, you know that doesn’t happen). Once you know what style you’re into, you’ll actually find yourself buying clothes that you actually wear in your wardrobe. If there’s a little something too adventurous in your wardrobe that you don’t know where to wear but still want to wear it, we have an idea for you – get a photo shoot in it.

If you’re using Instagram right then you see half a dozen amazing shots of ladies wearing bizarre dresses and posing with nature – kind of makes you want to be in those photos too, right? Well, now is the time to do so. You can check out dresses from the freedom state & spell designs and while you’re at it, you might even pick up some great ideas about how you can wear what you find from the models in their photos.

Getting  photo shoot in eccentric and elegant clothes is the best way to turn yourself into a piece of art and preserving the moment – you never know when your sense of style changes but you can always remember your past styles this way and be proud.