The first thing that people think about when talking about therapy is a couch and a therapist writing down everything that a client is talking about, either this or their first association of therapy is with words like crazy, not right in the head, etc. No one can deny that shame and stigma that surrounds the idea of therapists and therapy. Therapy is so much more than all of these things and it is still a taboo for a lot of societies of the world. However, with the new shifts in the trend it is still somewhat being normalized here as well. So if you are considering going to therapy but still have not really made up your mind about things then just know that there are several very legitimate reasons as to why seeking therapy is good and just like physical health is important, so is mental health and there is nothing wrong in seeking mental help for your peace of mind. Following are some of the reasons why people tend to seek therapy, check them out below.

Experiencing Severe Mood Swings

People can notice when they are in a bad mood and it is completely normal if it happens every now and then but if you are someone who is experiencing them frequently and they are too intense that they affect your thought process and have been persistent then it is a red flag and one should immediately fine a counseling near Alpharetta GA and get it checked. It is especially important if you get crying spells, changes in your appetite, sleep patterns or even your thoughts are slowly shifting, that is a major sign that you should go to a professional therapist.