Previously when you needed a way to replace broken or lost teeth, you would have to get something like dentures or dental bridges put in. These were processes that were not particularly helpful, or convincing replacements for the tooth that was lost. For many people the temporary fix did not help all that much. It was easily visible that the dentures or bridges were fake and looked out of place. People who had them would feel that they were not useful replacements as teeth and made them quite self conscious around other people. However, now you do not have to worry about such a thing as you can instead opt for dental implants being put in your mouth as a permanent fix.

You will not have to worry about having an impractical fix that you need to take out when you eat or when you sleep. The dental implant will look, feel, and work exactly like a tooth would. Unlike the other fixes, you will not have to worry about decay under the dentures or bridge. The dental implant will work as a tooth even when you have to clean it. Instead of having to go through regular visits to the doctor, you can actually take care of the tooth implant by brushing your teeth. Furthermore the dental implant will be fixed in so that you can use it to chew food. Unlike the other options, your implant will have an artificial root put in to it that will keep it in place. There will be a rod that is inserted at the base of the implant that will be fixed in to the jaw. This keeps the tooth in place and it also sends some signals down to the jaw bone which prevents it from decaying, which happens when a tooth is broken.