One could almost say that the change that happens in the music is a systematic way; and it can be considered true, however, the change is seen throughout every genre of music there is. The time of 50s was filled with bands who were trying to get their big break, and were so heavily invested in melancholic pop, or pop as a genre itself. Amidst the saturated era of pop, emerged The Carpenters; one of the best duos of its time, and one of the best duos of all time, the Carpenters consisted of siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter; together they ruled the industry, and enjoyed an illustrious career that lasted almost 2 decades.

Much like any other musician, there are songs that define them; same is the case with the Carpenters, as the duo released some of the best songs anyone could ever hear. This list comprises of some of the songs that helped define the Carpenters as one of the most prominent band of their era.

Looking For Love

Looking for Love is a song that was released under Karen’s name, and it is considered to be the very song that managed to lay the foundation of The Carpenters as a band. The music itself was written by Richard Carpenter, and the song was released in 1966; it was released on a small label that had a limited budget to begin with. At the time of recording, no one knew that this record would become a collector’s item with a value of $2,000 – $2,5000. The reason is simple because only 500 copies of this single were ever issued.


Finally signed to a proper label, the Carpenters went on to release Offering, the first album they ever released as a duo. The album was a combination of music that could be best described as wayward. Sadly, the album was a commercial and a critical flop, but still showed a lot of promise, especially the song Eve which was nothing short of a power ballad; it stood out, and glorified the prowess this duo had.

(They Long to Be) Close to You

Another song that defines the band is (They Long to Be) Close to You; in this song one of the most prominent things is that you can see just how Richard Carpenter was a genius when it came to musical arrangements, as this is one of the best songs of its time.

Rainy Days And Mondays

After having a successful run and finally being a part of the music industry as a whole, the duo released a song called. Rainy Days and Mondays; the song was one of the best as it emphasized on Karen Carpenter’s ability of delivering pathos with sadness and grief filled vocals, as well as lyrics.


Superstar was probably one of the most energetic and raunchiest songs released by the duo, and most melancholic as well. The song was sung from a fan’s perspective, and the vocals as well as arrangement was just over the top.